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Great features to help you and your team deploy better

Pipeline Editor

Turn complex deployments into repeatable and manageable workflows so that anyone on your team, whether they're a designer, manager, or developer, can follow the same process and deploy with confidence.

Deployment Pipeline Editor
Continuous deployment on matching Git commit

Auto Deploy

Define the branches of your pipelines and Dockbit will automatically deploy changes when it sees a matching Git commit. Auto Deploy helps you deploy fast and embrace continuous software deployment.

ChatOps via Slack

Dockbot is your friendly neighbourhood chatbot, always there to help you and your team deploy with confidence inside Slack. Once installed, just type /dockbit help to see all the cool things Dockbot can do.

ChatOps via Slack
Locking deployments in a shared environment

Deployment Locks

Lock your pipelines to prevent others from accidentally deploying to a shared environment, whether it’s a Staging box you use to verify new features or your glorious Production. Locking is as simple as running /dockbit lock in Slack.

Per-Stage Analysis

Know exactly what is happening when, where and for how long. Dockbit looks across all your integrations, and brings deployment logs, environment variables and per-stage configurations into one place.

Per-Stage Deployment Analysis
Deployment Metrics


Provide your team with valuable metrics about your deployments, keep an eye on your deploy velocity, identify and remove potential bottlenecks, and ship features to your users better. All from inside Dockbit.

Deployment Queue

Trigger a deployment and Dockbit will take care of queueing, scheduling and execution for you. Combine Deployment Queue and Auto Deploy to turn your pipelines into a continuous deployment machine.

Deployment queue
Deployment Confirmations

Deployment Confirmations

Enable manual confirmation steps for your deployment pipelines to ensure nothing broken gets to your users. Dockbit will pause the deployment flow, request a confirmation from your teammates in Slack and notify others of the review status.

Dashboard View

Keep track of your team's code as it travels through the deployment pipeline with our real-time dashboard. Now anyone on your team can see what’s being shipped, who’s been deploying and where things fall over.

Software delivery dashboard

All your tools in one place

Your team no longer needs to maintain custom scripts and dodgy integrations. Our growing collection of integrations lets you bring all the tools and services you use to deploy your apps together in one place.

And 20+ more integrations