Software deployments made simple

Dockbit aimed to turn complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows. The product hasn't taken off and been discontinued.

But check out SlashDeploy, a Slack bot that will help you manage deploys without leaving Slack.
It's powered by GitHub and built by the founder of Dockbit.

Get /deploy in Slack
  • Uplift existing workflows

    Bring all the tools and processes together in one place.

  • Deploy with confidence

    Enable anybody to deploy safely with a simple chat command.

  • Analyze and ship better

    Identify and remove potential bottlenecks to ship code better.

Feature workflows

Repeatable, manageable workflows

Bring together tools and processes from across your organization into manageable and repeatable workflows, ensuring your deployments go smoothly each and every time.Learn more

Works with Slack

Deploying has never been this easy. With one simple Slack command, anybody can deploy and keep your team updated. If anything goes wrong, you get notified right away.Learn more

Feature chatops slack
Feature better deploys

Better deployments

Every stage of your deployment is tracked and measured, making it easy to identify and remove potential bottlenecks.Learn more

Deploying code is a balancing act: you want your product to quickly improve, but not at the expense of stability. Dockbit’s a great tool to help with that balance, by abstracting away all the moving parts in your deployment process. You’re able to move fast without breaking things. And that’s the whole ballgame.
ZachZach HolmanEarly engineer at GitHub
Dockbit does a great job making deployments manageable and visible - we always know what and when we deployed. We can fearlessly evolve our software without worrying about making the deployment process more complex or fragile, and we can focus on our apps instead of maintaining the deployment tooling ourselves.
LucasLucas MazzaSoftware Developer at Plataformatec
The benefits of using Dockbit are twofold. On one hand, our team saves a lot of time when deploying a new release of our software. On the other, the release process is so simplified with Dockbit that all the members of the tech team are now able to independently deploy new versions of our code, hence taking an active role in the entire flow of a software release.
AlbertoAlberto BetellaCTO at Badi